Sunday, 20 June 2021

Another First

Father's day is another in a long list of firsts that my daughter and I  are to experience this year.  He is in my thoughts and heart everyday. 
This has been an especially melancholy filled week for me so finding enough ambition to do anything was difficult. I always have knitting of some sort on the go and it was easy to pick up and keep my hands busy. I also worked a bit  on those secret quilts. Appliqueing hearts to go into the third quilt. I should be able to sew it up into a finished top this week. I really have to get to basting them and getting them quilted. But for now I am in the mood to piece the tops, the rest of it will happen in time.

I still have this quilt in the hand quilting frame and have only worked on it a bit. I am only a couple turns away from being finished so maybe this will happen  in the coming weeks. You can read more about it here.
Looking in to see what everyone is slow stitching on today. Kathy brings us altogether on Sundays to slow down, breathe and use needle and thread to reconnect. I love reading what everyone is doing. My new community of friends although most of you I have not ever met but yet I have received words of sympathy and encouragement over the past four months. I am so grateful for that.

I met up with a knitting friend this week that I haven't seen since Covid started. She told me she sees my blog posts through Kathy's slow stitching sunday posts. So today, hello Julie...hope you are enjoying the posts here and it was nice to chat even for a short bit in the dentist's office!

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Feeling like Summertime

poppies done, peonies coming
knitting in public group
The weather has finally gotten warmer even hot for a couple days. My garden is starting to grow and I have even had a small salad from it(radish, onions and arugula) Even my flowers are starting to look good. With all this gardening by myself, my farmer's tan is well underway!!

flowers blooming
garden starting
                                                                          Did you know it was World wide knit in public day yesterday. Some friends and myself did some knitting at the local farmer's market. It was good to get together especially since I had not seen one of them for well over a year.(Covid sucks) With all the chatting, we even managed to get some knitting done!

I am working on the 3rd of  quilts that are a secret for now. It seems with each new one I start I like it better. I just have the tops done so far. I will have to get to quilting them and finishing them soon.

After working outside all morning and most of the afternoon, I am settling in to sew and realized it was Sunday. I kept thinking all day it was Monday!? So I was excited to find out what everyone was up to for slow stitching Sunday. Seems like it is pretty quiet at Kathy's house while others are busy!My slow stitching will be later tonight as I watch a NASCAR race, for now I will sew up blocks.

Enjoy your day and the week ahead! As things open, I get to see some of my friends and actually get together for a visit. I hope you get to visit with some of your friends too.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Slow to stitch!

sweater done but needs blocking
It has been a busy few weeks. I started to put in my garden but just the things that would take the cold. Good thing too as the last two or three days we have had frost overnight and have awaken to white on the grass and rooftops. So far the only thing that has lost a bit is my oak tree...the tender new leaves are a bit crispy but I think it will be okay.

So while I can't be in the garden...only the weeds are growing, I have been working in my studio. I am working on a surprise so all I can say is some laps quilts are getting made and I have been taking pictures that I will share at a later date. I have finally finished a sweater that I was working on for myself and now I can move onto another project. A friend asked if these knitted dishcloths that her mother made could be made into anything. So I am attempting to make small and medium afghans with them. I tried to crochet them together but wasn't liking the look so I have settled on knitting(my preferred method)to get the job done. 

pretty Spring coloured yarn for socks
Also June 1 marks the start of "sock a polozza" at Sweet Yarns knitting shop in Sudbury. Lauren the owner has the month of June set  for making socks. No challenge, just to see how many socks we can make in a month. There are three categories beginner, intermediate and obsessed! I think there are some prizes at the end of it all! Although there is no challenge I might start a pair of toe up socks. I have made one pair but it is still a new technique for me. Might need to call a friend for some help!!

Today I will be looking in to see what
and all the others are slow stitching on. My slow stitching will happen after supper...too many other things to work on during the bright light of daytime. 

Have a good week, mine will include a vaccine shot!

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Stay at home means more sewing

 Yes our stay at home/lockdown order got extended again. So what does that mean to me...not much has changed. I am at home and getting some projects checked off my to-do list.  Not all things are sewing related though. Yesterday I spent the day outside working in the yard and some painting on the rims of my winter tires. Some of these jobs were things my hubby did but they have become my tasks to complete now. I do know my limits and when I reach them...I head for the sewing room to relax.

2 done 8 to go
This week I started a project that I received in late January. My uncle passed away and his family asked if I would make memory pillows for them with his shirts. Now because of covid, I was not able to be at the funeral and so this is a fitting way for me to honour him and his memory for his family. I had started with a tester one(there were extra  shirts) then found a video on how to make the pillows with the collar still on. I think they look pretty cool.  I will be adding an embroidered patch to the front as well, just not sure what it will say as yet. As I was cutting apart the shirts, I realized that a man's large shirt contains at least 3 fat quarters and possibly a 4th if you added all the little pieces and sleeves together. So I am sure I will have leftovers that I will put to a good use. This has been the perfect project to get me sewing and helping me to decide what I will work on next.

Of course every quilter has UFO and I am no stranger to that. But which one should I work on. Most of my UFO are finished tops so that means they need basting and machine or hand quilting. These days I like to do a little of both on a quilt. The machine quilting acts as basting for the hand quilting and the quilt gets finished a bit quicker than if I hand quilted the whole thing.

When it is break/tea time...I will be seeing what Kathy is up to this week. She is in the same lockdown as I am and I know the time is getting long.  It is always interesting to see what everyone is working on and to see how there seems to be a resurgence in cross stitch over the last year or so. Maybe I will have to get out my cross stitch project that isn't finished, from 12 years ago! yikes

I have to share what I received this week. The members of the band that my hubby was part of , gifted this chair to me in his memory. Seeing the chair was one thing but reading the plaque brought instant tears. I hope he has found a comfy bench to sit on to wait, because I am hoping he will be waiting for a long while.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Going forth into May

 Three months have passed since the day that changed my world. How can that be? We ended April with a day full of a freak snowstorm, family and lots of tears as we said our final good bye to a husband, father, brother and uncle. We of course blamed my hubby for the bad weather...he knew I loved the snow in all forms!

So now  May has arrived with its promise of new life with all the growing plants.. Yesterday was an unusually nice day and I spent it outside doing yard work. The gardens are ready to be planted and the greenhouse is also ready. I could put plants in there now but the gardens will have to wait a bit till it warms up more.

On the sewing/quilting front, it has been a slow process for me. I finally started working on a project and have got the top done. In the photo the set in triangles look brown but are more green with orange and purple dots. I had to take the photo in the driveway for a big enough spot to spread it out. But now what, it is too large for me to machine quilt. 

This is one that I would love to have a quilting bee and invite my friends over to help. We could social distance around a frame...right. But we have the nasty "stay at home order" in effect still. Oh well that top can rest a bit till I decide what to do with it! 

I have been knitting on my sweater and had it almost done, then I tried it on and oops!! It wasn't long enough and the arm holes were too small. So I ripped part of it out and am trying to get it finished. I have another new project to work on...a friend's mom knitted lots and I mean lots of dishcloths. She was wondering if there was something else they could be used for. I suggested an afghan. So I am making them into baby blankets and a couple larger afghans. That should keep me busy for a bit. But I want to finish my sweater first or I may never get back to it!!

Today I would like to wish all the mothers a  Happy Mother's Day. We deserve more than just one day although my hubby use to say that mother's day was every day! I will be checking in with Kathy and looking to see what everyone is up to on this slow stitching Sunday. I haven't linked up in a few weeks so I have some catching up to do! 

Enjoy your day!

Monday, 26 April 2021

A day late and a dollar short

Who am I kidding, I am a quilter and I am more than a dollar short!! Sunday got away on me and so I am posting today. This week has been an emotional roller coaster. Good days, getting things done days and that day that I knew was coming. Now that Spring is here we have to make arrangements for my husband's burial. Just when I thought I was okay, the flood gates open again. This seems way harder than all we have already gone through but with my daughter by my side and many friends and family, we will manage.

not ironed baby quilt backing
There hasn't been much sewing in the studio but I did roll the frame and more hand quilting is getting done. One or two more rolls and I should be able to see the finish line. I sewed up a backing for the baby quilt that you can read about here. I am using what I have in my stash so sometimes you have to get creative. I also cut the set in triangles for a scrappy quilt I am doing. I just have to layout the blocks and start sewing them together.
quilting is coming along

Although I didn't have time to post yesterday I did read all the links to Kathy's slow stitching Sunday. Keep up all the good work ladies, keeps me wanting to sew and do more. I have my next project from a magazine, sitting and taunting me to get going!!

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Learning my way.

Spring quilt along
 Teaching this old dog new tricks is not easy but mostly it's exhausting. Friday was the first time I have sewn in almost 2 months. The project has been sitting on my cutting table just waiting for the day that my heart was ready to get back sewing. Sewing and music go hand in hand for me...but having music on was just too sad. So yesterday some friends and I zoomed(yet another new thing to learn). We met in the morning to see what everyone was doing and introduce ourselves. We visited again at lunchtime and then at suppertime. It was nice to talk to like minded people who are finding Covid as challenging and frustrating as I do!!

blocks ready for more sewing

   So I have worked on Quilting by the River's Spring quilt along. Then in the afternoon, I took out a scrap project that I had been working on in December. One set of blocks was done(on left) and I had the units ready for sewing for the alternate block(on the right). Those got sewn up and now I have to press them before carrying on. There is one more step to be done to these blocks before they can be sewn together into a top. Hopefully that will happen this week!

I thank everyone for their kind thoughts and comments. Life does go on and I know hubby would want me to be sewing and doing what I love. It isn't always easy and there will be good days and not so good ones, but I will keep trying and moving along.

With that in mind, I am checking in with my buddy Kathy and seeing what everyone is slow stitching on today. I will be doing some hand quilting later after all my pressing is finished. I love that there are quilters out there sharing their lives and hobbies, so I have something to keep me going. I also love watching and listening to videos and you tube of quilting things, they inspire me and help me to sew!

Come and visit again and see what other things I get moving on!

Another First

Father's day is another in a long list of firsts that my daughter and I  are to experience this year.  He is in my thoughts and heart ev...