Sunday, 11 March 2018

Life throws curves

old pic, will take new one when finished
It has been a busy week. Just like many of the readers of my blog, I am a child having to care for an aging parent and all that comes with that. Thankfully she is still in her own home. I am still taking it slower than normal, nursing this pinch nerve in my back. It is coming along but every now and again it screams at me!!!
So hand work it is. I thought I was done with this quilt but after spreading it out and looking at it, I decided it needed more quilting. So with some advice from a couple friends(Bernadette and Mallory) I settled on more hearts. Four of them using the stitching that was already there...I now have shamrocks in the middle of my blocks.

With all my housework might be a sewing day for me. I have blocks all sewn together for a BOM and they just need to become a top. It is also part of a challenge for guild this year but luckily it doesn't have to be completely finished.

big sister with a FROZEN quilt
DH &new great neice

I have a couple of shares today. These quilts got delivered to their new owners. Our neice has two girls. We got to meet the newest member yesterday and I just wanted the big sister to feel special too.
newest cousin to the family tree

My hubby's cousin became a grandpa to a cute little girl too...WOW  that's a lot of girls. I sent her this quilt...too much cuteness!!!

So today is a free day for me. Some sewing on the machine, hand quilting and knitting. I just want to finish something instead of having all these projects on the go. So I will be settling in with Kathy for some slow stitching and checking to see what others are working on too!
hoping to make this a finished top today


  1. The blues of the nine patches caught my eye. Pretty.

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  3. The blue 9 patch is stunning!

  4. Very nice hand quilted stitches. I like the Q Snap frames also. The important stuff somehow gets done when helping an aging parent.

  5. Oh so sorry about your pinched nerve. It makes things difficult when it's painful. Your quilts are lovely. I especially like the blue 9-patch blocks. Scrolling down from this post I see that they're double 9-patch blocks with blocks to create stars. Beautiful! It's amazing what happens when two different blocks are put together.