Sunday 4 February 2024

You just never know!

 The other day a friend texted me and asked if I recognized the photo she sent me. It was a photo of a quilt, one that I had made last year and donated to our local hospital. She told me her granddaughter was at the hospital for a procedure and it was the little one's birthday so the hospital gave her the quilt. When my friend saw the quilt and the label she just had to let me know. It feels good to know these quilts I make and donate do find a home. For the most part I don't know where they go or who has them. Needless to say that made my day!! You can read about this quilt from a previous post here.

mystery clues almost done
This week I have been catching up on my Bonnie Hunter mystery. I thought I had 3 clues done, nope only 2 completed. I now have up to clue 6 done and clue 7 is on the machine to work on today. That is my daytime work and for the evening I usually am found watching a movie and knitting. I have finished my socks so I started a sweater I bought the yarn for last Fall. I think it is time to get to it!

A couple friends and I are also starting the 365 challenge quilt. It started January 1 so we are a bit behind!!They are small blocks mostly 6 inch finished but the starting blocks are 3 inch finished. Shouldn't take long to catch up. I have a bushel basket full of scraps and my intention is to use it only to complete this quilt. Wonder if I can do that!?! We are planning to only work on these blocks on Wednesday when we sew together. I will keep you posted how things go with that.

Once this is posted I will pop in and visit Kathy and all the slow stitchers.

Hope you have a great week!

P.S. short post as the computer isn't cooperating!

Sunday 28 January 2024

Batting has arrived!!

 Why is the fact that batting has arrived important...before Christmas I ran out! I did not even have big enough pieces to sew together for a quilt. I was fortunate to be gifted some for Christmas (thanks Louise) and some for a birthday gift(thanks Barb). My piranhas are so good to me!! Then another friend played pick up and delivery service for an order of two rolls. I should be good for a bit!!

latest finish
So to put the batting to use I finished a quilt for a friend to gift. I made the quilt and she put the words on it. Looks pretty good, the words make it even more special. You can read more about this quilt here. Also the socks in that blog post are finished too! Then I moved onto finishing a quilt of valour as I needed the safety pins that it was basted with. This week I have finished a lap quilt that I will be gifting in February and have basted a toddler quilt for my great nephew that I hope to get to today. Wow that seems like a lot but in between there I have been curling and there was one full week of shovelling. Seems more like Spring here right now but I know winter isn't done with us yet!

Here is a fun thing that I have done for a couple of years now. I save all the thread spools that I empty and see what I have at the end of the year. Of course not totally accurate as some were used in the previous year and some spools aren't empty yet but it is a good showing of the sewing I have done. A couple of those spools are hand quilting thread too.

It is getting to be that time of the year for me, I usually set up a quilt to hand quilt during February and March so I can quilt and watch curling championships on TV. I wonder which one in my pile I will chose...might be next week's post when I get to that!! But for now going to get a coffee and sit and see what the slow stitchers and Kathy are up to today.

Have a great week everyone and remember there is always something, however small, to be grateful for!

Sunday 14 January 2024

So much has happened

 Christmas, New Years......My Birthday!!! This year was a big one too 60th! My daughter put together the best day for me. Morning into afternoon was with some girlfriends. Some games, lots of laughs and giggles and snacks! That was followed by a family dinner. All this and I didn't have to do anything!! It really was an amazing day with lots of hugs. My only moment of sadness was knowing I was doing this for myself and my dear late husband. He was meant for other things and never got to celebrate turning 60. This year I dedicate to him, going on adventures, doing things we wanted to do and finishing things we started together.

quilt for a friend
Those are some hefty goals for me but I am determined to see what I can do. But you have to know that my quilting and knitting will be there with me too. 

I fell behind on the Bonnie Hunter mystery over the holidays. I have finished step 3 and have the rest of the clues. I was going to start that this weekend but I got an order for a quilt from a friend. I have made one for her before to give away and this one is the same. I will go into more details once it is delivered but I have included a pic to see where I am. It will also be my slow stitching for today as I do the applique on the ribbon. I will check in with Kathy and the gang later to see what they are all slow stitching on. I am sure Kathy will be cross stitching something today!!

socks for me,new chair table
We went from a green Christmas to winter wonderland just in the last week. So I have also been sidetracked with snow removal. But coming home to my sewing room is very relaxing and slowly I will get back into the swing of things. My friends want to do the 365 day challenge. is January 14 so that means I am already 14 days behind. It is a make a block a day challenge but the blocks are fairly simple to start so should be able to catch up in no time. More posts on that in the future I am sure.

Well blogging is caught up and I have some applique to get to. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

we had to wait but winter came

Monday 1 January 2024

Happy New Year!!

 Holidays have kept me busy with no time to sit and blog. Then after the gifts were opened, food ate, wishes and hugs shared  and all company had left...I got sick! A nasty head cold has kept me on the couch and I am just starting to feel like doing something or anything!

I was in bed early but a book kept me up till midnight. So I was awake when the new year arrived and today it is kind of sunny ,cold and a few snowflakes are falling. Although most of the yard is green which is very unusual for us here in my neck of the woods!

quilt and guilty party
Not much quilting has been done in the last few weeks(reason above) but I have been knitting again. I got two pairs of socks done for Christmas for my daughter and I to match our Christmas pjs. This week while recuperating I was able to finish another pair for a friend.

This week I am back into the sewing room and am working on a special project. It is a repair for a quilt I made for a little friend. Her puppy decided he REALLY liked her quilt and chomped a large chunk out of it. I was going to bind the jagged edge and leave the hole for story sake. BUT  she wanted the hole filled in because and I quote she said "my quilt looks like a pair of pants!" She is not wrong! Okay Lauren I will try my best to get it fixed and have it ready when mom stops to pick it up!!

part of repair
The funny part of this story is I have some of the original fabrics but Lauren has loved and carried this quilt with her lots in the 6 or so years she has had it, that I can't use them. They just wouldn't look right so I had to improvise and use different fabric so it would kind of blend it with the rest of the quilt. Not sure if this follows any rules for quilt repair but it is what I am doing. I will post the finished repair later in the week.

I am late but joining up with Kathy and catching up with everyone and all  the slow stitching.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and hope you all have lots of quilty/stitching projects to work on!

Sunday 3 December 2023

Putting in time

clue 1 done, clue 2 to come
 Putting in time is sort of the theme of the week. I have run out of quilt batting so no projects will be getting completed for the foreseeable future. So what is a girl to do....well there are no lack of projects to work on! Clue one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery is done and clue 2 is almost all cut. I am working on a top that will be gifted to a friend after Christmas. Then there are the countless other quilts that I want to make, so not to worry I have lots to do. But to fill in time I pin basted a charity quilt that had all the parts I needed to complete it. One more thing to clear off my table.

 blocks to be made and added
Yesterday I went shopping, you could say the start of my Christmas shopping! Who knew that the hardware store had wool and yarn. I found some lovely sock wool and decided I think I have time to make some Christmas socks!! haha we will see about that one!

starting socks

Christmas decoration are slowly going up and it is getting a little more festive here especially with snow in the forecast. With coffee ready I will check in with Kathy and her slow stitchers  and then get to those socks with the Christmas music set to go! Enjoy your week.

outside decorated

Sunday 19 November 2023

Another week of progress

little boy quilt top
 Two weeks in a row and I have made it here again. Yea me!! I have gotten a couple tops done and one of them is basted and hopefully will get quilted today. I was working on the pieces last week, you can read about it here. The second one I had fun designing for a little boy and it will be quilted later this week. I would get more done if I stayed at home more!

The weather is changing and there is a skiff of snow on the ground. Makes one start thinking of Christmas shopping. I am trying to figure how I can only shop in my sewing room, that isn't going too well!

scraps from last weeks post

Yesterday I was going to use one of my old machines to sew some batting together but it was almost seized. So I spent the afternoon working on it, a little oil and she was purring again. Which got me to thinking maybe I should give my machines a spa day. I have an older Singer knock off and it should be in a cabinet so I don't sew with it but I did play with it as well. She has such pretty scroll work on the end.  I oiled my 301A and as I oiled it you could literally hear the difference as the oil got into the right spots. The machine ran smoother and more quiet.

knock off Singer machine
seized machine that sews nicely now
Do you care for your machines or always send them out to be serviced? Someone asked this on facebook the other day and it got me to wondering too. The older machines are so easy to clean add a bit of oil and they are good to go. The newer electronic ones are a different thing. Although you can do regular cleaning of lint on them and then maybe once every other year take it to a technician. Whatever you chose to do at least change your needle and clear out the dust bunnies. Just my personal thoughts on the matter.

Slow stitching will come later after I quilt a quilt and add the binding. But I will take a few moments and a coffee and check in with my buddy Kathy and see what her crew is working on this week.

Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Sunday 12 November 2023

Happiness is.....

5year old UFO...done!
 My week didn't start out so well but it sure ended happily! This week happiness is having a friend with a longarm who will quilt a quilt for you and you get to spend the day together. Now it almost didn't happen as we had snow overnight and in the morning I was not sure the roads would be good. I did end up going after some cajoling from Natalie(the longarm friend). The next day I trimmed the quilt and found the perfect label for it. It was like it was made just for this quilt.

not great pic but label is good colour for quilt

I also got to spend some time with my sister, her daughter in law, her son and their new puppy! Now tell me playing with a toddler and a puppy won't put a smile on your face or lift your spirits. I also got to see them again yesterday as my sister's in-laws celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!(no typo- 70th). It was so good to see so many come out to celebrate and visit.

I have been encouraging myself to get other projects done. I do the ones I have been putting off and then treat myself with getting to sew on something I really want to do. I have a few more of the "want to do" then the other which is a good thing. I also found out this week, as I was looking for a UFO to longarm, that I have a few quilts that I want to hand quilt. I guess it is that time of year when I should load up the frame and get busy. If I load it now it will probably be my winter "go to" project.

today sewing up these blocks
Today I am in the sewing room working on a "want to" project with a cafe mocha and Baileys and than later I will be slow stitching the binding on the quilt from this week.  I am joining Kathy and friends with slow stitching today and getting things done!! Kathy asked what was your favorite way to slow stitch...mine is binding or working on my hexies! I don't know what I will do when the hexie quilt gets completed!!

Wishing you all a happy week ahead and hope you find something that makes you smile.

You just never know!

 The other day a friend texted me and asked if I recognized the photo she sent me. It was a photo of a quilt, one that I had made last year ...