Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hello September!

4"blocks,mini inside 2"
The unofficial start of quilting season is here! In the spirit of the season, I have been busy. I joined in on the Temecula mini Monday over the last month or so and this top is the  result of that. The sixteen patches I didn't really like in my quilt so they went into another one. These will be teddy bear quilts that get paired with a stuffed animal and give to a charity for delivery to a special little someone.

16 patched front
I am also gearing up for the new guild year and I am on program so that means that I have lots of samples, workshop examples and blocks to get ready. The blue and green blocks from this last post, you can see them here are for our BOM. There was a lot of flip and sew which meant lots of little odds and ends that were put to good use to make two more teddy quilts.
16 patched backing
Under my needle today was some hst which were made into pinwheels for a Christmas runner that I will be teaching in October.

These pieces are all just flimsy still which means I need to dust off my quilting machine and get busy. If you know me at all...you will know that machine quilting is not my favorite part of the finishing process...but it has to be done!

In between all of this sewing I have been doing leaders and enders. I have finallly finished all my four patches 450 with triangles added. Now for the next step.
more teddy bear quilts
Yesterday we had an all day UFO sew-a-thon at guild and I spent the day sewing tumbler pieces together. That is another leader and ender that I started and it just needs to be done ....soooooon!!!
Parts for a Christmas runner

Next week guild meetings start for me...my first as president!! Exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Not over Yet!!!

Fall is coming
With it being Labour Day weekend in Ontario, it is also the unofficial end of summer as the kids head back to school next week.It was a beautiful warmish day yesterday so I was able to mow the lawn and do outside jobs which was good because today is cooler and rainy! A good day to be inside sewing, I think.
Four o'clocks I think
Mixed flowers including poppies

I did slip out in between rain drops to get some pics of my yard. The garden is slowly being used up. Beets, dill pickles and I have frozen some peas and beans. We had frost on friday and saturday but my coverings saved the plants for a few more weeks!Luckily most of my flowers are against the house and are still alive, untouched by the frost. They are so happy looking and so is Belle our golden retriever(don't you think)!!
Our Belle

I have been working this week on these blocks of the month for the up coming year. I am on the program committee so must have them done ahead of time.Today I will be working on the nine patches that go with them. The layout will come later in the guild year. As I have said in an earlier post here....I have already named this quilt "under the influence". It was my friend Barb who gave me the green fabric which is my background and she and her sister Louise who convinced me it would work. I was unsure at the time...but it is growing on me!
The one other project I have to complete soon is a table runner for a class I will be teaching in October. It is a Christmas one...so I am having a hard time getting in the mood to do it!!
BOM how about that green background

 I have been finding the evenings long with no hand work to do....ya right!! So I started a pair of socks for me. I have so many knitting books with socks and I keep making the same pattern so I am testing my knowledge of knitting and trying something new!! We will see how that works.So although it is slow stitching Sunday at Kathy's house...I will be in the sewing room sewing away on these nine patches and hoping to have them done today! Hop over to Kathy's blog and see what she and her followers are  up to.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Nothing but tail lights!

Good bye!!!
Yes that is all I saw as my friends/quilting buddies left yesterday morning....just tail lights leaving!
We had a fun and somewhat productive weekend. We also got in some shopping, a visit to my local Fall Fair and many walks around town.
Before they left we took pics of everything we worked on during the past weekend.
Barb was making stars

my BOM with a green background

Louise's baby quilt stars, embroidery and quilted maple leaf

Barb's other finishes

My quilt top that needs borders..maybe

It was definitely an awesome weekend but then again good friends, good wine and good food!! How could you go wrong except there just wasn't enough days. We also missed having our fourth Piranha Kathy, with us. We hope she was resting and healing after her fall. One of us took a fall too but it isn't funny yet and she isn't ready to laugh at it so we aren't allowed to talk about it yet. Kathy ask Barb maybe you can compare booboos!!!
Well summer is almost over and now it is time to start thinking of the start of guild years for me. I will be the President of one of my guilds and I am on program for another guild. This makes for a busy year. So samples have to be made and classes to get ready for. Watch the blog for those to start happening. The BOM I worked on this past weekend are the first of many things I have to do. So I better get at it!!!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Under the influence!!

Have you ever gone to a retreat and been coerced or influenced by the other attendees? Now this is not all bad...but lottery tickets have been bought and won on and tomorrow I go to collect more winnings$12!! I am not normally a lottery ticket buyer but my enablers were hard at work.

Today we went to a couple of quilt stores. There were some purchases made of course for future projects. We are working hard to get our projects done but our time together is coming to an end for this year.It is late as I post this so more pictures will happen tomorrow when there is better lighting. They will show all that we got accomplished this past weekend during the Fabric Piranha Retreat!!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Fabric Piranha Retreat has begun!

sewing room ready
We are well into our annual Fabric Piranha weekend.....minus one! My two friends Barb and Louise arrived yesterday. Our fourth member, Kathy, took an unfortunate spill two weeks ago and isn't able to join us this year. We really miss her but we will sew on!!!
new mascot
We mostly got set up and caught up last evening and this morning...well we went to a couple of yard sales and a farmers market! One even had fabric so we were sort of sewing and I got a newer iron for $3.!!! We have gotten some sewing in today but took another break in the afternoon to go to the local fall fair.  My DH was playing some tunes with his band and I had to pick up my entries I put in the fair. Due to some errors on my part, none of my pickles were judged as I didn't label the jars.....ouch!! But my quilts and sewing projects never let me down!!

green background-that wasn't planned
I am working on blocks for a sampler quilt.I had fabric all picked out but at the last minute changes were made and influences were made. I am jumping in and going to see how it looks when it is all over!Stay tuned there will be more to come.

Miss you Kathy and hope you are relaxing and recuperating!!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Purging, cleaning and falling in love again

So this week I took on the task of cleaning out my basement sewing studio. I work mostly upstairs in my living room but my stash and other things are in the basement. Over a year ago we got water in the basement...before the ohhhs and awwws...no fabric was damaged! I have wondered what to do with the space so this week the clean up/ rearranging began!
I remembered to take before shots that you can see and read about here. I am still sorting and purging.WOW you just don't realize what you have till you go through it all in a couple of days. I haven't even started sorting fabric yet.
It all began when I came into possession of two new tables that would work great for a cutting station. Now how to fit them into the space. Exit one table and one old door(that was my cutting table for many years). I am slowly going through things. I have a box for friends, one box for charity and one for guild. I am waiting for a dry not raining day so DH can buy some drywall to finish the wall repair. I also need to buy some shelving units. After that I will be putting it all back together.
still messy but way better than two days ago

I think I might like the new space so much, I might want to sew down there again.(only on the hot days) I have discovered so many projects, ones that I started and ones that I have adopted from other people. The whole time I was cleaning and purging, all I could hear was my daughter saying"what was she thinking" as she cleans out after I am gone!!! This pushed me to clean more!! I have included an updated photo ....it looks like not much has changed but believe me it is neater and more organized. That being said even I am not going to find something that I have moved to a new place.

This has been a busy long weekend here in Ontario at our house with a funeral, a wedding and today a birthday party. Monday can't come fast enough for a rest....oh nope a family reunion to get ready for!!!So the slow stitching will have to wait but I will be checking in with Kathy and seeing what everyone is working on. Have a great  week everyone!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Spring Cleaning in August!

Oh my...what a mess!
That just doesn't sound right ...does it? But I got up today and because it was cool thought it was a good day to head to the basement and clean out my "other" sewing room!
Originally when we moved into this house, I set up my sewing room in the basement. But over the last few years it just gets too cold down there during the spring and summer months to do anything. So I moved upstairs into a living room that we don't really use. Most of my stuff is still in the basement. Now we have also had a couple of issues with water coming in...so when you take all that into consideration...it was time for a clean out!!!

shelves under both windows...gone
I had shelves all along two walls and wanted them gone. I had to move everything off the shelves and temporarily put it everywhere in the basement.  The shelves were removed along with my cutting table. Two newly acquired tables were added as  cutting tables(they are the reason for the clean up, I needed a place to put them).
Next will be removing the water damaged drywall and replacing it. After that I will have to go shopping and find something for a sub floor and two free standing shelving units. Once they are in place, I can start the large task of putting everything back in place. There might even be some purging happening!!!
still messy but looking a bit better
I remembered to take some before shots. It is quite the mess. It seems to have become a dumping spot for everything with nothing having a home or being organized.
I have figured out so far that 1. I don't need any more fat 1/4s   2. I have more sock yarn than any one person could use 3.even if I started all the projects I have set aside, I would never get to them all and that isn't even taking into consideration my stash!!

Oh dear I am in so much trouble here. So many projects, fabric boxes and UFO. I am not sure where to start first. Oh well it is fun getting reacquainted with everything down there.

Come back and visit and see how I am making out. I will keep posting as the makeover goes along. I am hoping it won't take too long!