Sunday, 3 February 2019

Ground hog day!!

Yes ground hog day was yesterday and whether he did or not...I think it will take till June for all this snow to melt away!
view out my front window
So while I am waiting and shoveling...I will quilt and hope for nicer days ahead. Don't get me wrong, I do love the winter and snow but the weather is either snowy or frigidly cold, there is no in between.
We have been doing renovations and another room is complete. So now I have some time to sew until my painting skills are required again.
I got new sub-floor in my basement sewing room so some cleaning and purging went on. That kept me busy all last week. I also found a few projects that were set aside and forgotten. I took one of those out and got to finishing it. I completed it in the "quilt as you go" method. As I was hand stitching the sashing last night....I remembered why I am not so fond of this method. Good thing it is only a small quilt. I am gifting it so no pics.So when I am done posting this, I will be making binding for it and that will be my slow stitching for today. Although not a football fan, I will be checking in with Kathy and her friends to see what they are up to today on Super bowl Sunday!!!
It is the time of year that I usually have a quilt on the frame for hand quilting. I am indeed getting the itch but with renos on-going not sure it is the right time. Maybe I can set one up to do in a hoop...yes maybe that is what I will do. Until then, I am sure I can find more projects to get to the next stage of completion.

Sunday, 20 January 2019's a sewing day!!!

This was yesterday and colder today!
Yes indeed it is a cold one....-29degrees Celcius with -40 windchill...that is cold,  even indoors it feels chilly! So what is a girl to of course and if possible do lots and lots of ironing to keeps warm!!!!
so glad nine patches are done
I have been working on a project that requires lots of scrappy nine patches that finish at 3". That finally got accomplished yesterday and today I moved onto the string squares. I have to make almost 300 of them and I think I am only half way done! They do go together much quicker than nine patches but then there is the de-papering to do and a final squaring up so everything is good and square. It is a work in progress for sure.
string blocks lots of them
This past week was our guild meeting and I managed not sure bring home a couple projects to finish. We have a donation table and on it I found some projects that needed a new home. They just jumped into my bag and now they are talking and wanting to be finished.So yesterday I started this one. I got it to the patches sewn together and haven't done anything else since.I was side tracked by the strings!
one of the orphans that followed me home
I found out this week that I was going to be a great auntie again. A little boy who was born a bit early and who will definitely need a quilt. I must get on that soon so he gets it before he is off to school! haha  He was given the same name as my DH so of course thinking that, there must be tractors on the quilt and I think I have just the fabric. More on that quilt in a later post!

My sewing room is a mess and too many projects on the is time to get some of them finished and out the door or at least on the way to their new homes. I also took some time today to check in with my friend Kathy. Slow stitching will get done later this evening cuddled under a couple of warm quilts. Check in with her and all her followers of slow stitching Sunday.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Happy 2019!!!

It's a new year...a time of new beginnings and thinking that anything is possible. With that thought in mind, let's go digging for those UFO, those projects that you have always wanted to do or just start a new quilt!! What are we waiting for? In the few short weeks of this new year, I have lost a cousin and two of my family's friends have lost family there is no time to waste or put off for another day.

I was working on Bonnie Hunter's leader and ender project for this year and put the top together to find time to sandwich it and quilt it. I have also been working on  mini nine patches for a quilt we are doing as a bit of a mystery at guild. The ladies have seen the picture of the quilt but we will be giving them instructions bit by bit so they can finish the quilt by June.
I will be checking in with my friend Kathy to see what she is up to this year and her slow stitching Sundays! I don't have any hand stitching projects lined up as yet but I am sure they will come along as the year proceeds! Winter is usually good for one hand quilting project but with renovations ongoing in my house that might be a stretch,but it might also keep me out of DH's way!!

 It is my birthday today and at double nickels...or 55 years old, those socks just say it all !!! Here's to a day of sewing and hubby making supper!
Just a bit younger than 55 years

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Relaxing Sunday and slow stitching

I am joining Kathy for some last minute slow stitching. Yes these are Christmas presents but they were not planned. I found some time to sew in the last couple of days and was able  to get these done....well almost done!
quilt from scraps and stash

The other day I just wanted to sew. I grabbed the first thing on my table and it was a baggie with some blocks and some themed fabric. I started designing...what I love best, a quilt from scratch with no pattern. I was sewing on the fly, making it up as I went along. I went in search of more fabric and to my surprise I found some of the exact same fabric in my stash.You know it is going to be a good sewing day when that happens. This quilt is all made of flannel except for the little red squares...they are regular cotton.This will be gifted unfinished and completed at a later date. I just don't have that amount of time.

love how these turn out every time
 I also decided I didn't have a Christmas themed center piece for a table so out came the 60 degree ruler and some border print fabric. I have used this print before to make a table runner and now I can say it also made two hexagon center pieces. I am working on putting the binding on them this afternoon and will be hand stitching them in place after that.

 I would like to send a message out to a loyal reader (she says I don't blog enough), Jeanne. Thinking of you and sending a big hug your way.

And to all my other readers,with all the family and friends around during the holidays, here's hoping you are able to fit in a little sewing time somewhere!!Enjoy the holidays!!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Greetings of the Season to Everyone

I almost feel like I should reintroduce myself, it has been over one month since I have blogged anything. YIKES!! Well let me explain a bit...DISCLAIMER we are a hunting family..Hunting season is the short period of time between quilting season and the Christmas holidays. It takes up a bit of our time in this household. It was a successful year for us and the freezer is full. DH got a beautiful deer that he is getting mounted to hang in our family room. This is also the year that he is no longer on local municipal council.So we have started our long awaited renovations. One room is done and 4.5 rooms to go. Half a room is my kitchen that just needs a few things including a new counter top.
This week I have completed my shopping and all my baking for the holidays. So I have time to breathe and catch up with you all. The sewing room has been long neglected. |I was doing so well in the Fall but that came to a complete stop.
scrap quilt for some deserving child(not the dog)
I had an order for a stocking and quilt for a new grandbaby for a friend of mine.Pictures will have to wait till after Christmas. After that I just wanted to do some patchwork. I picked up a baggie full of partially finished blocks. So I took on the challenge and in a week got the top done and quilted. I had just enough fabric for binding and had to skimp a bit on the size. Should have known better because while I was hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt, I found a few spots where the seam allowance wasn't good enough. So now I have to take it apart and try again!! grrrrrr! When it is finished it will be going to the Children's Mental Health ward at our local hospital. I have give several quilts to this organization.

I have been knitting  Christmas presents too. So today is just for me. Cleaning and tidying up the sewing room, I might even get to sewing!

It is a busy time so I am sending my wishes to you now for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Enjoy your time with family and friends!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Another week ahead

Sunday is the start of a new week and when it starts with an extra hour....all the better. We turned our clocks back one hour last night before going to bed and today I am up early and ready to go. Now I just need it to brighten up a bit as I just don't have enough lighting in my studio to do much.
I have been a busy this week. The commission quilt I was making is done, it just needs a label. Sorry I can't show pics as yet. There will be a blog post about it in the near future.
I have moved onto a quilt of valor that has been waiting patiently for me. Mostly because I have to machine quilt it and I don't like FMQ. So trying to make it look pretty with straight lines and of course I will add some hand quilting. With some help from my DH, we came up with an idea and it makes the leaves look real and best part...continuous quilting with only minimal stops and starts!

quilt of valor that I am offered to quilt and bind
The week ahead looks like sewing and quilting with a slight chance of housework. Hmmm maybe I can get that done today and not have to worry about it for the week. I will have a very sad dog on my hands too. She hurt her leg last week and won't be able to go to the bush hunting. I also have a couple of sewing days with friends to look forward to. So I should have lots to blog about this week.

Today, because I am up so early, I have already checked in with Kathy and what she is up to on slow stitching Sunday. She must be an early riser too....wink wink. Got to love technology!!!"
I also want to just create and sew this week. I have a couple projects that I would like to attempt. Dare I start something new......! Can you really have too many projects on the go!? What do you think I have a bad case of "startitis"???

Enjoy your week...I know I am going to!!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sewwww busy!!

At the start of the week, I promised many blog posts...well?! That didn't happen but sewing did happen and I was so busy completing things that I was on a roll and didn't want to take away from the sewing to do computer work. And it is work for me sometimes!
Add caption
My week started with these visitors to our backyard...porcupines and there were two of them...hope they leave and never return!!!
So today I will catch you all up on what I have been up to. So I got the binding on two large quilts that my friend Susan long armed for me.You can read more about them here. I completed the Christmas runner for my sister in law and I also finished that Christmas stocking(more pictures on that later after it has been gifted).
This week I worked on this brown x's and o's quilt. I machine quilted it and did some hand quilting as well. It just needs the binding finished.
Another quilt that I worked on was a new pattern that is coming out soon. My friend Carla from Quilting by the River asked me to look over the pattern and try to put a block together. I couldn't see doing just one block so I decided to make this quilt with some scraps I had. I ran out of the one floral and added another one part way through...hardly noticeable! I did some machine quilting on it and have decided to also do some hand quilting on it. That is left to do and the binding of course.
going to look cute
I have also prepared the borders for another quilt top. I have sewn the borders altogether and will be cutting them and doing mitered corners. So that will wait for another day. Today I am continuing to work on something I started yesterday. A commissioned piece for a friend. I will show a bit but no finished pics till it is gifted. It is fussy cutting using steam a seam. I will also being doing some embroidery and machine stitching to make the characters on the quilt come to life. Well that is what I am hoping for anyways. And while I was stash-diving....I found the perfect piece of fabric for the backing...although not quite enough I will put borders on the top and bottom and it will be perfect.
messy cutting table

There will be slow stitching today as I attempt to sew down all the steam a seam pieces. So I will be joining Kathy and doing some slow Sunday stitching today. This is what it looks like out my window so it is the perfect day for sewing and working in my studio!