Sunday, 12 November 2017

Snowy Sunday

my back door
We woke to a winterery wonderland. We had snow on Friday but more fell this morning and the grass is covered and the shovels are out!
four patch
I am excited today because I just finished this quilt top. I have been working on it for two years. The four patch centers were the start of a leaders and enders projects I started in 2015. The retreat I was at in October had me finishing the patches and getting them into columns. I dragged my feet for a couple of weeks trying to decide what colour to use to separate the columns. One chat with my quilting buddy Mallory and red was the winner. A little deep stash diving one evening and I found the perfect piece of fabric. This is a big one 90x97. It is definitely going out to be quilted, I am not attempting this one!
3 from class, one I already made
Belle's new bed
tumblers,starting to join them together
I finished the three bags I started for my class the other weekend and my dog Belle has a new bed.Today I am trying to figure out a pattern so I can complete my tumbler quilt. It was a Bonnie Hunter leader and ender from a couple of years ago.Tomorrow I have a UFO day at our guild and this will be the project I am going to work on. Bonnieholics are joining together to send prayers and thoughts to her on the passing of her father in law. May he rest in peace.

It has been a very productive hunting season in the sewing room but now it is my daughter and my turn to try our hand at deer hunting. She is home for a I get to visit and spoil her for a week. We might even get in some Christmas shopping one day!

It is going to be a busy week as my local little quilt store is having a sale too. I am hoping to find more fabric to add to my pile for Bonnie's Quiltville mystery-On Ringo Lake that will be starting later this month.
So many things to do and there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done. All this and joining Kathy for some slow stitching this week. She wanted to know about lighting while we are working/quilting. I have the same Ikea light as she does and two different Ott lights. I even have found a LED light bulb for my sewing machine. What a difference that made when I put it in. I use whatever light helps with the current project I am working on.
Have a great week ahead and come back for a visit to see how much I got done at the workshop tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Workshop and teaching

my pillowcases
Yet another workshop at our guild. Our guild only meets once a month but we make up for that with all our workshops throughout the rest of the month. Yesterday three teachers taught 4 projects. On the agenda were pillowcases, a tote bag, iron caddy and a jewellery travel case.I was teaching the tote and in between group sessions, I was able to get three pillowcases sewn. It was a very productive day for everyone in attendance.
three students and their totes

Kathy(standing)our trooper of the day!
Just as a reminder to us all, one of the members showed up today with a cut finger. She had done an oops the night before with her cutter. But with a little nursing from my fellow teacher, she was undaunted and joined in on the workshops yesterday. Way to go  Kathy, hope your finger is doing better!

Today I am game to go! I was very tired after my busy day yesterday and just manage a bit of embroidery last night. So this morning....I will finish my totes that were my steps for teaching the class. I have three of them at various stages of completion. After that I have a dog bed to finish and a quilt to machine quilt.
That should fill my day fairly well and because the lighting isn't so great in my sewing room since I took over the living room, I will spend the evening working on my hand stitching/embroidery. I will also be linking up with my friend Kathy and her slow stitching Sunday back to basic with a needle and machines!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Where did that week go?!!

cross hatched and binding on
I keep trying to be a better blogger and then a whole week goes by! I have been doing lots of things but I don't seem  to get anything finished.Well I did quilt my table runner which was a class I taught a couple of weeks ago. It will be ready for the holiday season to put on my coffee table in the family room.

180 mini churn dash blocks
dog bed cover to be

Then began the long road of half done things. I finally finished sewing 180 - 3 1/2" churn dash blocks for an upcoming class I will be teaching. They can rest for awhile.This is code for... I haven't chosen a colour to be the alternate square that goes with them.
 Moving on I also cut out the pieces for a simple small quilt which will become the top of a dog bed. Yes a dog bed!! It will match the quilt I have already made for our dog Belle.
4 patch onto the next step

I have squared and trimmed the panels of four patches that I have been making for 2 years. I thought I had chosen the other fabrics for the quilt but yesterday I had my mind changed again. I went deep stash diving last night and came up with this burgundy colour. I think this is going to look great.Do you ever keep putting off a decision like fabric choice? I have come to realize that if you are putting it means that you haven't found the right fabric yet!!
one bag done, 3 to finish
Lastly I worked the other day on step outs for a bag I will be teaching this weekend. It is a simple one but does require a few steps to finish. I have three in various stages and I hope to get them all finished this weekend after class is over. There are three other small projects being taught on the same day.

On top of all this Bonnie Hunter has released her colour choices for this year's up coming mystery quilt.I am so doing this one. I have been collecting beach, sunset, and water batiks for awhile now with no particular plan for them. So now I am finally going to use them. I may have to search out some brown batiks to go with all the others but that won't be so bad! Besides there is a sale at my LQS in s couple of weeks...good timing!

I once again have another week of quilting/sewing ahead of me as hubby heads out hunting again. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have more finished things to show for my efforts!
Happy sewing!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Teacher, Teacher!!!

runner needs quilting
Yesterday was a teaching day for me at guild. I was giving aid and answers for a Christmas table runner. It was a great group of ladies and the day went by too fast.
I am hoping to have mine quilted and finished for this week's meeting. I can't have my students finishing before their teacher...can I???
It is a week of sewing ahead for me as DH is off hunting for the week. I have a head start because he left early too. I have a quilt basted and ready to be quilted for the Quilts of Valor.Also there are several projects that need completing for the upcoming program at guild. But this week I picked up some hand embroidery and can't seem to put it down. So I will quilt by day and stitch by night. My sewing room doesn't have upper lighting so this plan works great for me!

embroidery in progress
My cousin ask me to put some embroidered blocks together into a quilt for her mother in law. The mother in law's mother did the embroidery. You can see that quilt here But there were some blocks that weren't finished, I asked if I could complete them for her. They have been sitting in a pile for awhile now and I have started them.It is very relaxing to hand stitch away the evenings on them. This is block 1 or 6 and I know I will get sidetracked along the way..but here's hoping they can get finished in the early new year maybe!!!
So between binding and embroidery that is what I will be hand stitching on today and joining Kathy slow stitching Sunday group.

Stay in touch and see what other things/projects I might get done this week!!Happy Quilting.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Quilt retreat!!

my view for the weekend
It seems I was on the road again...this time headed for my annual quilt retreat. This year marked the 10th year we have been doing this.Although we have changed venues a  few times and faces have come and gone over the years...we still manage to get a good group of ladies together and have a fun weekend. I am not going to say we got lots accomplished (if you have ever been to one, you will know what I mean)but sewing was done and projects got more work done on them and some were even  completed.
6 strips of 4 patches just waiting to be finished
I only took three projects with me. They were all started but required lots of sewing so I only got to work on two of them. I have been sewing 4 patches with added triangles for 2 years and they finally became long strips all sewn together. They just require alternate strips and that top will be done. It is a UFO for this year's guild challenge so keep an eye out for that one!
I also took 2"squares for a small churn dash project that I will be teaching later this year. The churn dashes finish at 3"(small yes but aren't they the cutest)!I got to play in that box of 2" squares that I have been cutting up for years now.
It doesn't look like much but that was all the sewing I got done in 3 1/2 days of quilt retreat.
3" churn dash blocks

binding done
 I also got the binding sewn on a lap quilt that my friend Susan quilted for me on her long arm.She brought it along with her to deliver to me. I guess I did get something finished!!

5 years ago but not much has changed
This week also marked 30 years that I have been married to my best friend Ted. It is also the first year in a long time that we have been together for our anniversary. He was usually moose hunting or I was retreating or we were both gone. Although I was at guild for the day (as president I couldn't miss it) and he had council meetings.It was nice to be together in the  evening to mark this milestone. Days march on though and he is off to the bush for hunting season or as I say quilting season!!(with cereal suppers)not really!!!
So once this is posted I am off to the sewing room to get busy!! UFOs need finishing, projects for future classes need making and as a quilter there is always that new project that you would like to start. Have a fun week!!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Going Places

shop hop buys
playing with my camera
That is where I have been and not in my sewing room. I spent last weekend shop hopping my way to my friend's house for the weekend. The shop hop was on my way so why not. Five shops by lunchtime is not bad. I found some little goodies along the way too. It is hard to see in the pic but a deal on fat 1/ 5 get 3 free!!! I also stocked up on my whites for white tone on tone.I also bought a couple pieces with yardage as they just called to me!! haha
sunrise in southern Ontario
During the weekend I went to a local fall fair and my daughter's town Pumpkin Festival. I am not really a festival going person but it was a fun two days and I got to spend time with people I love!
I drove home early 6:30 am on Monday morning and this is the sight I got to watch. Of course it was pretty but once it cleared that horizon....I was looking for sunglasses and ducking behind my sun visor.
This weekend here in Canada is our Thanksgiving Day. My hubby's family will be getting together on Monday so that means the whole weekend to sew and get ready.  Ready, ready for what you ask??
It is quilt retreat time for me. I will be gathering projects and packing patches with good intentions of finishing things. I do have good intentions...but I am also realistic! I will be happy to get a bit further on whatever projects I take with me. I know I have lots of samples that need working on but this is suppose to be relaxing and no deadlines so I will be looking for fun things to do, things I want to sew on instead of things I need to sew on! I am sure I will have more on this in the coming days. Check in and see what I might be taking along and see if I can finish anything!!!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hello September!

4"blocks,mini inside 2"
The unofficial start of quilting season is here! In the spirit of the season, I have been busy. I joined in on the Temecula mini Monday over the last month or so and this top is the  result of that. The sixteen patches I didn't really like in my quilt so they went into another one. These will be teddy bear quilts that get paired with a stuffed animal and give to a charity for delivery to a special little someone.

16 patched front
I am also gearing up for the new guild year and I am on program so that means that I have lots of samples, workshop examples and blocks to get ready. The blue and green blocks from this last post, you can see them here are for our BOM. There was a lot of flip and sew which meant lots of little odds and ends that were put to good use to make two more teddy quilts.
16 patched backing
Under my needle today was some hst which were made into pinwheels for a Christmas runner that I will be teaching in October.

These pieces are all just flimsy still which means I need to dust off my quilting machine and get busy. If you know me at will know that machine quilting is not my favorite part of the finishing process...but it has to be done!

In between all of this sewing I have been doing leaders and enders. I have finallly finished all my four patches 450 with triangles added. Now for the next step.
more teddy bear quilts
Yesterday we had an all day UFO sew-a-thon at guild and I spent the day sewing tumbler pieces together. That is another leader and ender that I started and it just needs to be done ....soooooon!!!
Parts for a Christmas runner

Next week guild meetings start for first as president!! Exciting and terrifying at the same time.