Sunday, 21 May 2017

Gardening Season is here

raspberry patch
Yes it has arrived along with the black flies and mosquitoes! I took advantage of the beautiful weather this week to get my gardens ready, weeded and some plants transplanted. This has meant that nothing was getting done in the sewing room. The closest I got to sewing or stitching was a few hexies at guild on Tuesday and some knitting each evening to relax with.
Today it is cool and light rain and I might go out and put in some seeds to get things going.Nothing that is going to freeze though as we had -2 Celsius and some small snowflakes yesterday.
bigger garden
flowers are still blooming
Yesterday was a full gardening day...cleaned out raspberry patch and made a bigger one. Then moved closer to the house and weeded flowerbeds. But the biggest job of increasing my main garden(hubby has his own at another lot we have). There use to be a garage there which was moved and we took out the cement floor last fall so it could settle over the winter. But the most exciting part was I finally got my own greenhouse/potting shed. It is a little rough looking but does the job nicely.
my potting shed

Sorry for the non quilting related post but this is the life of a quilter too!
I am hoping for some slow stitching time but it will be later tonight. For now I am heading back outside in rubber boots and a warm coat. Check in with Kathy and follow along as I do with everyone else who is slow stitching!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's Day and ME days!

Belle&flowers from my daughter
 Happy Mother's day to all moms today! What makes this day extra special is it is a sewing day for me with a friend. DH has been away for a "boys" weekend so it became a "ME" weekend for yours truly.
I have a few challenges that are due in a month at two guilds. I really need to get working on them. So yesterday was orphan block day. I received an otphan block from a guild member and I have to make something with it and return it to that member.  I have decided to make a large quilt carrying bag or tote bag. Yesterday was designing and getting things to fit together. No scraps were harmed in the creating process....but chosen with care.(can't you tell by the mess left behind)
Today I will be quilting it and preparing to assemble it.
As many guilds are doing, the other challenge is for Canada's 150 birthday. I have used blocks from a recent workshop and incorporated them into a wallhanging for this challenge.
I am keeping things under wraps for now but will show pics later on.(two of them are in the picture if you really look)
Digging in the scrap bags
Yesterday I had a friend join me in my sewing room. Bernadette and I probably did more talking than sewing but some sewing was accomplished. She was working on her challenge too. She is returning today for more sewing. We were so busy sewing, I forgot to take any photos.
Enjoy your day with family and if you have time join me in checking out what others are doing today with slow stitching Sunday at Kathy's blog.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Rain rain go away......

May 7, 2017
Careful what you wish for. It has been raining for most of three or four days now. Creek levels in our backyard are back up to near the same as in the Spring. BUT this morning we woke up to this!!!
Snow in May. Not so unusual for this area  but a surprise just the same. Guess gardening will have to wait a few more weeks. But that only means that I get to stay indoors and get more sewing projects done.
The "quilt" is almost finished. I am working on hemming the last edge. Notice I didn't say binding! There was no binding this quilt as the top had finished edges. You can see here what I am talking about.
When this is done and delivered to the owner, I will be in my sewing room trying to figure out what to do next. I will have that dreaded disease...finishitis or what to do nextitis!!!When you have finished a quilt that has consumed alot of time and all the quilts and projects that were left on the back burner simmering, can now come out to play! Maybe I should start a list?
It was nice the other day to get to play with fabric. Well in a way. I had to clean off my table and in order to do that there was fabric that needed cutting into usable sizes and put away and hexies to be cut to put in my kit for travelling.While cleaning I found a couple more projects that need finishing..oh my!!

So with the weather outside..I will be in my sewing room getting things done. Later today I will be joining my friend Kathy for some slow stitching. No day is complete without some relaxing slow stitching. Enjoy your day and whatever you chose to do and have a great week!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Quilting is DONE!!!

quilt waiting to be trimmed
WooHoo and hurray!! The hand quilting on this quilt is finished.Now I just have to trim the batting and backing and do a knife edge finish on this quilt. Because the top was already finished and a crochet edging added, this is the only way I have of finishing the edge. No binding will be added here.
pinned in place

stitching away

finished edge

I am timing this perfectly. I should meet my deadline with no problems.Then  I can catch up on other sew projects. Not to mention that it is getting close to gardening season. Although you wouldn't know that by the weather. Chance of snow this weekend.
Enjoy your Friday!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Quilting can wait...right!?!

Well it had to wait this weekend.  Our neighbour came over and cut down a huge dead Elm tree in our yard. DH was feeling a bit under the weather so I felt sorry for him having to do all the clean up work boots, gloves and rake in hand, the clean up began. Who knew picking up sticks and small logs would create so many steps on my fitbit!!

Today we were back at it, trying to beat the rain that was forecast. We had a few snowflakes fall on us and some ice crystals...but we kept working and finished the mess after lunch just as the cloud let go and the rain fell.
So needless to say not much sewing or quilting was done today or yesterday. I am hoping for a couple hours this evening. That will be how I join Kathy with putting some slow stitching into my quilt. I also have some knitting to do once I curl up in my rocking chair. (boy that sounds old)!!!

 Here is the latest up date on "the quilt"! I have started working from the other side and soon the quilting will be meeting and the frame will be coming down. I figure I have at least a week of stitching to go then the finishing of the edge. There will be no binding as the top of the quilt has already been hemmed and I will be just turning the backing to the inside and hand stitching it in place. There will be more about that in another post.

Hope you are getting some stitching/sewing done whether or not it is slow or fast!!!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Workshop's over

listening to instructions
It is like the day after Christmas! You wait all year for that one day and then POOF!!! it is over. My fun started on Tuesday when Susan (my friend) arrived and then Carla (our workshop teacher)from Quilting by the River, We chatted all evening and before we knew it it was bedtime if we hoped to be wide awake enough for the workshop the next day.
busy at work
one block done

The workshop started and off we went! We were doing simple units made easier and more accurate with the Deb Tucker Studio 180 rulers. Fourteen of us enjoy the day with Carla. Our aim was to get one leaf block done and most of us accomplished that.
cool stars
After a busy day, we relaxed with dinner out and returned to the building for the guild's monthly meeting. Carla gave us a trunk show which didn't disappoint either. A full house enjoyed her stories and her quilts. But like the class, it was over way too soon and we said good bye and she was on her way home that night.I am sure this guild will be having Carla as a returning teacher in the near future!! There are so many ideas that I would like to try with the new rulers but that will have to wait a bit.
tumbling bits
colourful stars

On Thursday Susan and I did some sewing and some buddy time before she had to head for home too. It is so nice to get together. We have been doing this for 10 years, getting together and quilting each month as we can make time.
Now my mind must turn to completing the hand quilting on "that quilt"! The weather is warming up and I want to be outside planting flowerbeds and gardens. So the push will be on this week to complete the quilting. The weekend is almost here!!!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Let the fun begin!

It has been a busy weekend! We had a Maple Syrup Festival on Saturday,in our little community of 3200 people where the population increased by 15000 I am sure.  There was a small quilt display where half of the quilts were over 60 years old. One was even over 150 years old. It was nice to hear the history of some of these quilts.This left the rest of the weekend to get ready for this week.

So today I am preparing my house, cleaning and getting rooms ready cause tomorrow my friend Susan is coming for a few days to visit. She has been in Florida for most of the winter and this will be our first face to face visit.(we don't include our chats on facebook) I also have another friend Carla coming who will be teaching at our guild on Wednesday.

We are working on the pattern Northern Neighbours by Studio 180 Designs and Deb Tucker rulers.
Carla is a certified instructor with Studio 180 and a CQA teacher. We are going to have a lot of fun on Wednesday. Our guild meeting is that night too where Carla will be doing a trunk show for us. WOW

But all that fun will be for another post. Today I must get ready. I haven't even gotten my fabric ready. I have been procrastinating and now I am almost out of time. I also have to get some things ready for the guild meeting which will be that night too. I am hoping to put a few more stitches in this quilt I am hand quilting. I was hoping it would be done by now but I am getting closer. I have moved to the other side of the quilt as you can see. Only a couple more rolls and it will be finished.

The weather is warming up and soon it will be time to be outside raking and gardening. My Spring flowers are starting to bloom and all the snow is almost gone from the yard leaving behind the mess from the winter and all those sticks our dog has scattered.
 I am a little tardy in joining in on Kathy's blog for slow stitching but I was last night. I work on this, our block of the month for May. Some yoyos and some applique was happening to relax in the evening. Check out Kathy's blog and see what everyone else was slow stitching on too!

Okay can't put it off any longer enjoy your day and week. Come back later this week and see what fun we had at our workshop!