Sunday, 4 November 2018

Another week ahead

Sunday is the start of a new week and when it starts with an extra hour....all the better. We turned our clocks back one hour last night before going to bed and today I am up early and ready to go. Now I just need it to brighten up a bit as I just don't have enough lighting in my studio to do much.
I have been a busy this week. The commission quilt I was making is done, it just needs a label. Sorry I can't show pics as yet. There will be a blog post about it in the near future.
I have moved onto a quilt of valor that has been waiting patiently for me. Mostly because I have to machine quilt it and I don't like FMQ. So trying to make it look pretty with straight lines and of course I will add some hand quilting. With some help from my DH, we came up with an idea and it makes the leaves look real and best part...continuous quilting with only minimal stops and starts!

quilt of valor that I am offered to quilt and bind
The week ahead looks like sewing and quilting with a slight chance of housework. Hmmm maybe I can get that done today and not have to worry about it for the week. I will have a very sad dog on my hands too. She hurt her leg last week and won't be able to go to the bush hunting. I also have a couple of sewing days with friends to look forward to. So I should have lots to blog about this week.

Today, because I am up so early, I have already checked in with Kathy and what she is up to on slow stitching Sunday. She must be an early riser too....wink wink. Got to love technology!!!"
I also want to just create and sew this week. I have a couple projects that I would like to attempt. Dare I start something new......! Can you really have too many projects on the go!? What do you think I have a bad case of "startitis"???

Enjoy your week...I know I am going to!!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sewwww busy!!

At the start of the week, I promised many blog posts...well?! That didn't happen but sewing did happen and I was so busy completing things that I was on a roll and didn't want to take away from the sewing to do computer work. And it is work for me sometimes!
Add caption
My week started with these visitors to our backyard...porcupines and there were two of them...hope they leave and never return!!!
So today I will catch you all up on what I have been up to. So I got the binding on two large quilts that my friend Susan long armed for me.You can read more about them here. I completed the Christmas runner for my sister in law and I also finished that Christmas stocking(more pictures on that later after it has been gifted).
This week I worked on this brown x's and o's quilt. I machine quilted it and did some hand quilting as well. It just needs the binding finished.
Another quilt that I worked on was a new pattern that is coming out soon. My friend Carla from Quilting by the River asked me to look over the pattern and try to put a block together. I couldn't see doing just one block so I decided to make this quilt with some scraps I had. I ran out of the one floral and added another one part way through...hardly noticeable! I did some machine quilting on it and have decided to also do some hand quilting on it. That is left to do and the binding of course.
going to look cute
I have also prepared the borders for another quilt top. I have sewn the borders altogether and will be cutting them and doing mitered corners. So that will wait for another day. Today I am continuing to work on something I started yesterday. A commissioned piece for a friend. I will show a bit but no finished pics till it is gifted. It is fussy cutting using steam a seam. I will also being doing some embroidery and machine stitching to make the characters on the quilt come to life. Well that is what I am hoping for anyways. And while I was stash-diving....I found the perfect piece of fabric for the backing...although not quite enough I will put borders on the top and bottom and it will be perfect.
messy cutting table

There will be slow stitching today as I attempt to sew down all the steam a seam pieces. So I will be joining Kathy and doing some slow Sunday stitching today. This is what it looks like out my window so it is the perfect day for sewing and working in my studio!

Monday, 22 October 2018

Weekend done....week ahead to sew!

Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing
If everything was at hand and all I had to do was sew, it would be so easy. But it seems that every time I need something or start a new is 20-30 minutes of searching for a pattern, book or just the right coloured fabric. Only good thing about it, is my storage area of such things is in the basement and my studio is on the main floor of the I get in a few more steps each time.

looks perfect on the lawn with leaves
So I have made and put the binding on one large quilt. Jamestown Landing and it is almost sewn to the back by hand. I have also made and sewn binding to another quilt.I finished this top over 12 years ago. About time it was finished.A friend challenged me to make it while she was making one for herself. I got the top done quickly but didn't want to hand quilt it and didn't want to incur the expense of long arm quilting it until now. My friend Susan did the long arming for me. That will be the next binding to get finished.
start of a stocking
Yesterday with many steps to the basement, I started this Christmas project, a stocking. It will be very cute when it is finished but it is a surprise so...shhhh!!!! This is all you get to see for now.

This is also voting day locally. It means big changes for our household as my hubby has been the deputy mayor for the last 4 years and will be replaced tonight after all the votes are counted. I cannot say I will be sad to see the end of those days...meetings and time away from home. Getting my "honey do list" updated and ready as he will have more time now!!

More sewing to come this week...feeling ambitious and hoping for good sewing days! Might start a new Christmas quilt along over at Temecula Quilt company-Secret Santa Sew Along. Anyone else want to take the plunge with me and my friend Kathy!!?

Friday, 19 October 2018

Hunting Season means Quilting!

Yes it has begun!! But that means sewing season for me. I have been on the road a lot lately. In my last post I was in Guelph for their guild's quilt show. You can check that out here! Then it was thanksgiving weekend. With no rest, I had to start packing for my annual quilting retreat.  Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, no cooking or cleaning just sewing, quilting and lots of chatting!
I took many projects with me and worked on all but one of them. Did I get anything finished...nope!But with a good start to many, this week I have good intentions of finishing a few of them and starting a couple more!

In the midst of all this my friend Susan long armed a couple quilts for me and returned them to me, so they will need binding too.It will be great to get them finished. One is Jamestown Landing by Bonnie Hunter and the other one is a log cabin style quilt I sewed up over 12 years ago. A friend challenged me to make it with her. Hmmm....wonder if she ever got it finished?

I hope you will check back and see how my progress is. It is late evening here and I am finishing this up so I can go watch Bonnie Hunter's quilt cam. I will be doing some binding and hexies as I watch.
I will post pics tomorrow when the lighting in my sewing room is better.

Looking forward to the weekend, hope you are too and happy quilting!!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Thanksgiving Weekend

poppies hand quilted
great machine quilting
For me this is the official end of the summer. With everything changing colour to shades of oranges and know the snow isn't far off!
more beautiful hand quilting
This also is the time of year that a few quilt shows happen. I recently attended the Guelph guild's quilt show with my friend Louise and her sister Barb(who is a member of the guild) and was amazed. So many beautiful quilts...and lots of them were hand quilted and not just lightly but with dense patterns. Hand quilting is my first love when it comes to quilts. But that technique has been lost over the years with machine quilting and long arm quilting. It was nice to see such a resurgence in this part of quilting.I am hoping more quilters discover its pleasure and relaxing quality.
embroidered twins mini
my fav mini win
Also at the show you could buy tickets on mini quilts that the members had made. I was lucky enough to win several of them. And although they were small, some of them really packed a punch and the workmanship was wonderful. Thank you ladies for all your hard work!!!
happy mini
October is also the time of year I get ready for my annual quilting retreat. We are headed north of me to Temagami. We were there last year . Today I tried to decide what to take but this cold I have just wanted me to nap instead. So tomorrow is the day I have to get my things together and plan what I am going to do. Although I don't leave till Thursday, I have a few other obligations this week so better now!
Do you go on retreat or travel with your quilting? How do you decide what to take or what you want to do? Do you like to only take one thing and work on it till it is finished or do you like variety and the ability to work on many projects so as to not get bored? I think I am the latter. I have many projects on the go right now and could get them all one step further along in the process. But then I think if I took only two or three, maybe I could get them completely finished!!!Oh dear what am I to do! Which mood will I be in and do I take two machines? It is hard being a quilter!!!
Tonight my dear daughter and her boyfriend have headed back home and DH is out playing music so it is just me and the dog and some slow stitching and a movie. I am checking in with my buddy Kathy to see what she is up to. I missed seeing her at the quilt show I attended which was unfortunate maybe we will see each other the next time I am down that way!
So this is going a little long. I haven't been a good blogger but I promise to try to do better. With summer behind me...I will have more time now...who am I kidding!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Finding my Groove

looking south east with the reflection of the sunset
After such a beautiful summer, I have been finding it hard to get back into the groove of sewing and quilting. Although my hexie project has been on going, I have been doing a lot of knitting over the past few months. We spent one last weekend camping and we had beautiful weather. This was our view over the lake one evening at sunset.
Now that guild has started and a few friends and myself have started getting together every second week to sew, my interest is slowly picking up speed!
some old favs, some new recipes
The garden is almost depleted of its contents and the pickle cupboard is full again! With that hunting season is upon us and that means free days but evenings in the tree house(most say tree stand)but really DH outdid himself on this one!
my blocks for Sara Joe
The month of September as I said in a previous post, is the start of quilting season and that is so true this week. I attended our first guild meeting and presented the upcoming program for the year. Included in that program is this quilt that a friend and I will be teaching over a couple of months. It goes by another name but we are calling it "Sara Joe". It will use up a lot of scraps and has so many options for types and colours of fabrics that you could use. It will be exciting to see what the members come up with.
I have also put together this quilt top and basted it. Unfortunately that is as far as I got. It is patently waiting for me to start quilting it.
I am headed to a friend's house for a visit and a weekend of quilting/sewing/chatting! The next weekend is a quilt show in Guelph and two weeks after that my annual retreat in Northern Ontario. See I said it was quilting season.....hope you are all finding you way to your sewing rooms and having fun!
charity quilt just waiting to be quilted

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Long Weekend

waiting for fishes to come
This is a short and sweet post. I have to get moving as we are headed out to our trailer for the day. We bought a newer trailer and are trying to get some use of it before the summer is gone. We are having a family BBQ today and camping out at my sister in law's cottage.

The cottage is on a Hydro control dam but it just looks like a small lake. It is where I love to enjoy the peace and quiet and stitch away the hours. The other night I was knitting but today I will be slow stitching on my hexies. Of course while stitching, my fishing pole is close by and so is our dog Belle. She sits and watches the bobbers and just waits for us to catch a fish. I must say DH took these pics as I forgot my camera in the trailer. The sunrise pic was taken way before I ever saw daylight.

This is my last week of drops for my eye after having cataract surgery. So I haven't been sewing much and hope to get back into the swing of that next week!

Enjoy the official last weekend of summer although I am hoping that summery weather will continue for a few more weeks yet!!