Sunday, 21 January 2018

Happy Sunday Morning

Another busy week has come to an end. After having eye exams last week, this week it was time to go see the medical doctor for a checkup. All is well and just a couple woman tests to complete this week. Ladies don't forget to get those boobies checked among other things that make us the special people we are!!!
more sewing to finish class top
Yesterday I taught a class on a scrap quilt. I showed pictures of some of the quilt before. Now I can complete my top and place it in the pile to be finished at a later date. I think this one might actually get hand quilted.This quilt went together in rows which was different and very slick.

plastic embroidery hoop
other hoops
If you are hand quilting, you need a hoop. Hoops are all the discussion over at Kathy's blog today. She wants to know your favs and what you work on, so here are mine!I love embroidery and these plastic hoops I find are the best for keeping the fabric taunt while I am stitching. When I first starting cross stitching many years ago, I used an embroidery hoop too. Once I realized it was stretching the aida cloth, I changed to stretcher bar type hoop and eventually just held the fabric in my hands with no hoop or bars.
Now when it come to quilting... I have a couple of portable hoops.White PVC for cross stitch or embroidery(must admit I have not used this one as yet),round plastic one for quilting and the wooden squarish one was an upgrade from the round one. It is a bit larger but the shape makes it easier to do blocks in a quilt. But I have to say my all time favorite hoop isn't a hoop at all but a frame! I enjoy quilting the way my grandmothers did, on a floor frame. This is an older picture circa 2004 and I am working on the frame which includes boards that my grandmother used(the ones with the string on them). The stands that hold the boards were made by my father and they adjust up and down. Of course you need a bit of space for this "hoop" and it isn't very portable but it is the way I like to quilt. It has been awhile since I have had a frame set up in my house...maybe it is time once again to take over a room with a frame!! So check into Kathy's blog and see what others are using for frame/hoops and what they are slow stitching on today. Glad to see Kathy is feeling better too this week!!

 Have a great week!!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Posting, cleaning and sewing

I was doing so well as getting posts done and up on the blog and then life returned to normal!! So after cleaning, errands and doctor appointment(driving my mom) I can get some sewing done.
Yesterday we had a class at guild. A quilt as you go reversible quilt. It was a small class but what the ladies came up with was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. I worked on Bonnie's mystery instead. I just need to get some of my own sewing completed and not start a new project.
mystery clues waiting to be sewn
So I have three large quilts on the go. My tumblers(I am sure you are tired of hearing about it by now),Bonnie's mystery On Ringo Lake see it in this post and a scrap quilt that I will be teaching next weekend check it out here and here. I am working on the pieced border of it right now and using the mystery as leaders and enders. So I get to work on both of them at the same time.

I will be joining Kathy's blog for her slow stitching Sunday, although she has been under the weather this week and hasn't been stitching or sewing. Let's check her blog and give her lots to read about. Maybe this will help her get better and get back into the sewing room.
retreat 2016
retreat 2015
Hey Kathy think ahead to Piranha Retreat 2018, what fun we'll have!!! Hope you are on the mend.
Guild meeting this week too where I am President...workshop which means not too much for me to do!! Have a great week everyone!!

Monday, 8 January 2018 was going to well...

a whole pile of "oops"
Do you ever get that feeling when you're sewing that it is going too well...that feeling that something is not right with the world? Well I didn't get that feeling but I should have. I was sewing pieces for a quilt top together yesterday..sewing away at a lightening pace. WOW I thought to myself, I might get to putting the top together today too! STOP....
That is when I realized I had sewn 49 pieces wrong and that wasn't the worse part....I did it twice!!!
So lucky for me Bonnie Hunter had a quilt cam yesterday and while I listened to her I ripped out my mistake. Then after supper I sewed all the pieces on, in their proper place.
I should have known!!!

Luckily today was a better day. With all the pieces made and pressed, I started to sew the rows together. This quilt isn't made of blocks but the pieces are sewn together in rows. Once the rows are together it looks like blocks...Magic!!
a good sewing afternoon
This quilt might get hand quilted as there are large blank spaces to do some lovely quilting in. This is as far as I can go till after I teach this class. I have to have parts to show the students. Tomorrow is another day!!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The day after....

current project but in blue/white
Although this year my birthday is lasting all month long(self-imposed)...yesterday was the actual day. And what a day it was!!! I was spoiled by my sweet husband. I received a new laptop which will keep me busy learning about but not so much that I don't see the inside of the sewing room ..I hope! He also took care of supper and the clean up(he hates doing dishes) so this was big. It was great not to have to worry about anything for a day! Now today is back to reality...well a little bit I guess. While the laundry is getting done...I am on here and later in my sewing room.
pieces cut and ready to sew today

This is what I have been working on. This is the pattern (pic above) but I made my quilt one row longer and wider. I will be teaching this pattern as a class in two weeks so today I finally have all the pieces cut out and am ready to start sewing them up. Of course leaving step outs to show the students in my class.

Once this class is done I can get back to the projects I was working on before Christmas. I was trying to get my tumbler-leader and ender quilt finished and also working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery. It stalled at clue #4 when the holidays hit!!
On Ringo Lake will have to wait a bit

I have also been stitching away on my hexie quilt. I had it all laid out on the floor the other night and was trying to join things together. Somehow it is not as big as I thought it would be...hmmm! More stitching is required!!
That stitching will get done later today so I can join in with my friend Kathy for some New Year slow stitching. She promotes the needle and thread, no mechanical type of sewing for one day at least! Join in and see what others are working on today too!

Monday, 1 January 2018

January 1st...first day of my month long birthday!

I can blame this one on my daughter. She coined the event "birthday month". So I am going to celebrate all month long, starting today. Also celebrating along with Bonnie Hunter who has a birthday in January and believes in month long birthdays too!

16 patches of blue
Christmas has been put away for another year and I expect tomorrow I will find that one decoration I forgot to put away!
DH was out this afternoon so I spent the time sewing up this mound of 1.5 inch squares. They are for a quilt I am working on. They will be sewn into 16 patches...there are 1300+ squares so this is not going to happen in one afternoon or overnight. Where are those little elves when you need them!

On Ringo Lake waiting patently for me
Sitting on the sidelines is Bonnie Hunter's mystery On Ringo Lake. I got to clue 4 before Christmas and that is where it has stalled. It has been moved to the back burner for the time being. Also today as a little gift to me...I am following along on a one day mystery at My friend Kathy shared a link to it on her blog. She is doing the mystery too with some other friends. It is the perfect size for a charity quilt I want to make maybe later this week!
Day one of 2018 is almost finished and it has been a good one!Stay tuned for more!!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year's Eve

The year is coming to an end and I am going to finish it in style! While DH is out playing guitar at a party I will relax and get in some slow stitching hexie style! After all isn't having fun and bringing in the new year your own way what it is all about!And I can do it in my comfy PJs!!

Hexies are my party partner tonight. I wonder if I will ever be finished this project. It has grown a bit from the attached picture but still I keep stitching away. I have two quilt shows coming up in the next two years...maybe that is something to aim for! 
Do you make a list of things you wish to accomplish in the new year? If I did, I think finishing up the many UFOs would be at the top.Second would be the many quilts that I would like to make. Those ideas that have been lurking in the back of my mind.

slowly growing
I am checking in with my friend Kathy and all her friends for slow stitching Sunday. I am a little late but let's see what everyone is up to!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Here's to finishing old projects, starting new ones and keeping our families always surrounded with our quilts!

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Here I come...sewing room!

A little doll with her new dolly
the cook and her sous chef
With the holidays, packing and travelling, I have missed being in my sewing room. While we spent Christmas away at our daughter's house, I did get to knit and do some hexies to fill in the time between games, meals and visits but now for the hum of the machine to fill the air!
Now that the Christmas rush is over, I welcome the chance to sit in quiet and enjoy some sewing.
I did make a couple of things this year as gifts. They were all enjoyed I think

I am teaching a class in a couple of weeks so this will be the first quilt top on the agenda. That's right haven't even made the quilt for the class yet!! yikes!!After that I will try to catch up on Bonnie Hunter's current mystery quilt. I was almost caught up and with the holidays, I have fallen behind again. But remember's not a race!!

Ugly sweaters? I think "seasonal"

Lake effect snow storm
So as the holidays end here's to fun times with family (DH bought us all sweaters)and not so fun times( the drive home was very snowy for part of the ride)open lakes in the winter are not a good thing! We eventually drove into sunshine and very cold temperatures. It's so good to be home!!