Monday, 2 April 2018

Sapping Season

Hubby's sap evaporator
The maple sap is running somewhat. It has gotten colder again so it has stopped for now. We have some to boil what ran on the weekend. What does all this mean...I am not getting much sewing done!

I had a couple of finishes this week. My tumbler quilt is DONE!!!! I also got the borders on my Metro Rings it is ready for pin basting and some machine quilting. I also want to do some hand quilting on this one.It is also my last UFO that I signed up to finish this year at guild.It and the snowman quilt on the frame are my last two. That will make five quilts finished since October once they are done, not bad!!

top of tumblers before quilting
My friend was here for a visit and took another of my quilts home with her to long arm. In the near future she has offered to finish a couple more of mine for me!! It will be nice to get those tops done and out of the UFO pile that is growing in my sewing room. Thanks Susan!!!

I am also checking in with my friend Kathy. Although a day late, it is still nice seeing what everyone is working on these

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Slow stitching on a sunny Sunday

grey front,light fabric is backing
Betcha can't say that 5 times fast!!! But that is what I am up to. I finally got the binding on my tumbler quilt. I had to do a bit of  a search for fabric to no avail. I thought I had more leftovers but can't seem to find them. So plan B....I made two coloured binding. Teal colour for the back and a grey to match the outside borders on the front. I think it is going to look sharp! Loving my wonder clips from my friend Louise!!
first time using this frame
Also today, I have been working on the frame. I only have a little bit to go and I can do the first roll. With hand quilters, it is all about the rolling. That means we are getting things done and the quilting is progressing. This is a fun one to hand quilt as there is no boring repetitive pattern. Each block is different and the patchwork blocks I will be quilting however I want! Once I get to the middle panel part, that will be cross hatched.
working right to left, almost there
So I have lots to keep me busy and join in slow stitching with Kathy today!

The sun is warming things up but the temperature is still cold. -15 degrees Celsius this morning. We are hoping for warm weather this week so the maple sap will start running and we can start making maple syrup....yum yum!!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Getting my ducks in a row!

BOM-not putting borders on it
More like stacking my projects up in the order that I would like to get them finished! I have two almost finishes this week. A BOM top is together and doesn't have to be finished completely to be entered in one of our guild challenges!
tumblers- needs quilting
The other finish is my tumbler quilt. I started it in 2015 and now ONE top is made. Why one...well apparently I cut enough tumblers to make at least one more quilt maybe two! But my problem is I am not sure how to quilt it. I don't want to take away from the pattern I created and I don't want to just meander it. I shared it on a couple of quilt sites on facebook but no ideas came back that I liked. I am leaning towards a spiral effect but done as a maze looking squared off spiral. That will be another day!

Friday I set up this quilt frame that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. It is a homemade frame so it required a bit of tweeking and a couple of added pieces. Now I just have to figure out how to load a quilt on it. It only has two poles. From what I can find on the internet, the three poled frames are better but this is what I have sooo fingers crossed!

This is also how I spent International Quilting Day! I played in my sewing room loading the quilt. I am use to a large old fashion frame where you need a large room to set it up and you know right away that you have enough backing and the top will fit it. Maybe this is baby steps for me graduating to large arm quilting.
With a little playing around and lots of wishful thinking, I got the quilt on and taunt enough to quilt and even got  to put a few stitches in it.This will be part of my daily routine for the next couple of months. And before anyone says anything....I noticed the mistake this morning!Not saying anything except every quilt shouldn't be perfect!!!
starting the quilting process

 My daughter and boyfriend were home for the weekend and we attended a stag and doe last needless to say it is going to be a lazy day today. I will be checking in with Kathy and see what everyone is slow stitching on before I head to the quilt frame!

Bright and sunny here today but cold...enjoy your day wherever you are!!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Life throws curves

old pic, will take new one when finished
It has been a busy week. Just like many of the readers of my blog, I am a child having to care for an aging parent and all that comes with that. Thankfully she is still in her own home. I am still taking it slower than normal, nursing this pinch nerve in my back. It is coming along but every now and again it screams at me!!!
So hand work it is. I thought I was done with this quilt but after spreading it out and looking at it, I decided it needed more quilting. So with some advice from a couple friends(Bernadette and Mallory) I settled on more hearts. Four of them using the stitching that was already there...I now have shamrocks in the middle of my blocks.

With all my housework might be a sewing day for me. I have blocks all sewn together for a BOM and they just need to become a top. It is also part of a challenge for guild this year but luckily it doesn't have to be completely finished.

big sister with a FROZEN quilt
DH &new great neice

I have a couple of shares today. These quilts got delivered to their new owners. Our neice has two girls. We got to meet the newest member yesterday and I just wanted the big sister to feel special too.
newest cousin to the family tree

My hubby's cousin became a grandpa to a cute little girl too...WOW  that's a lot of girls. I sent her this quilt...too much cuteness!!!

So today is a free day for me. Some sewing on the machine, hand quilting and knitting. I just want to finish something instead of having all these projects on the go. So I will be settling in with Kathy for some slow stitching and checking to see what others are working on too!
hoping to make this a finished top today

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Getting it done!

2 blocks of 25(each 18"sq)
Yesterday we had a workshop at guild. It was a brain storming session of sorts. We have been doing a block of the month with a twist. Along with the BOM you also have to sew a minimum of 60 nine patches. These nine patches can only be made of any two fabrics. So yesterday was a day to come together and help each other with our designs. Some already had their designs ready to go and were sewing while others were getting help with design possibilities. By the end of the day I think everyone was happy and had ideas for their designs.

everything I need within reach on a tray
I have been nursing a pinched nerve in my lower back so needless to say not much sewing got done early in the week. EXCEPT.... I now have a bag of hexies to sew up into diamonds.DH wonders how come I don't see hexies in my sleep.  It was one of the things I could do while I sat in my chair and wondered if I would get out of it!! Seems I do this once a year to remind myself not to do it!!

scrappy quilt gets scrappy binding
So today I am sewing for as long as the back will take it and then I take a break and sit and do some binding.This is a UFO that is nearing completion. It will be #2 on my UFO list that I want to finish this year as a challenge at one of the guilds I belong to.

So what are you up to today? I will also be checking in with my friend Kathy and her slow stitching Sunday to see what the ladies are doing today. Grab a cup of coffee and join me...always an interesting read, Kathy makes me feel happy and want to sew and quilt more!!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Binding Decisions

So this has been a crazy,loud, restful and now busy weekend. Friday afternoon my family room looked huge but by later that evening...not so much. My hubby is part of a band that jammed here friday night. Nine musicians and gear can sure fill a space. Some of the wives came it was a great evening. That lead to the restful day yesterday...I am not use to those late nights/early morning parties!
So today the plan is a "ME" day!!! I have just a bit of hand quilting to do and then I will be searching out some binding for this quilt. I have two other quilts that require labels before Tuesday. Our guild meeting was cancelled last week due to weather and rescheduled for this week. I can get these two quilts shown at guild and delivered too!
some blocks
That opens up space in my schedule...well not really as I have a workshop this weekend to put together our BOM quilt. We all worked from patterns of the same 12 blocks in our own colour schemes plus we had to make a minimum of 60 nine patches to go with them. Then we have to come up with our own designs to put the two entities together into a quilt top.I finished my blocks months ago and they have been waiting!!
My hexie quilt continues. I have come to the realization that I have to make more diamonds to fill in those empty spots and get the quilt into a more rectangular shape.DH wonders how come I don't see hexies every time I close my eyes!!Hmm never thought of that before!?!

hexies taking shape
I will be checking in with my friend Kathy. She is home from her annual retreat. Check out what she was doing all week and what she and other friends are working on for slow stitching Sunday. I will be settling in with lots of slow stitching myself today as the weather is not so's snaining or would that be rowing...somewhere between rain and snow/sleet. Just messy is all I know!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Slow oh so slow!

small diamonds and starting to join
Have you ever worked on a project and wondered if it will ever be done? This is the one for me. I have been working on these hexies for at least 4 years. I started by making flowers then decided to  make them into diamonds. I am probably only ever going to make one of these quilts so let's go all the way!
Once the diamonds were made, I started to join them onto small manageable units maybe 2 feet squareish. At some point over the years...I accumulated many of these units. I thought to myself...I need to start joining them to see where I am and what (if any) units I still would require.

getting bigger
Now all the 2 feet square units have been joined and I am filling in spots where needed. But as my DH said last night..."that is the strangest shaped quilt" he has ever seen!!! It's not done yet I said...but he fears I will keep adding till it covers the house!!

I do have a finishing plan in my head too. But that will come with time. Now the realization is hitting that getting the top done is only half the problem...after doing all that hand sewing to get it should be hand quilted!!!!
This is where I am now. Only time will tell how long it will take to finish...stay tuned!!

all pieces joined so far