Sunday, 3 February 2019

Ground hog day!!

Yes ground hog day was yesterday and whether he did or not...I think it will take till June for all this snow to melt away!
view out my front window
So while I am waiting and shoveling...I will quilt and hope for nicer days ahead. Don't get me wrong, I do love the winter and snow but the weather is either snowy or frigidly cold, there is no in between.
We have been doing renovations and another room is complete. So now I have some time to sew until my painting skills are required again.
I got new sub-floor in my basement sewing room so some cleaning and purging went on. That kept me busy all last week. I also found a few projects that were set aside and forgotten. I took one of those out and got to finishing it. I completed it in the "quilt as you go" method. As I was hand stitching the sashing last night....I remembered why I am not so fond of this method. Good thing it is only a small quilt. I am gifting it so no pics.So when I am done posting this, I will be making binding for it and that will be my slow stitching for today. Although not a football fan, I will be checking in with Kathy and her friends to see what they are up to today on Super bowl Sunday!!!
It is the time of year that I usually have a quilt on the frame for hand quilting. I am indeed getting the itch but with renos on-going not sure it is the right time. Maybe I can set one up to do in a hoop...yes maybe that is what I will do. Until then, I am sure I can find more projects to get to the next stage of completion.


  1. Happy stitching on the gift! I also have snow outside my window now, but it probably won't be lying, because it comes rain and milder weather next week. :-)

  2. Enjoy your binding today! You definitely would enjoy a hand quilting project in the hoop!

  3. Enjoy you stitching, wow that's is some view out your window.

  4. Enjoy your stitching. That is a whole lot of snow. We haven't had any since November and that was gone in a day.

  5. Sounds like it is all happening up there. You have lots of hand stitching to keep you busy. Love the pretty photo of your wintry wonderland even though I am a Spring/Summer loving kinda gal. I suppose the good thing about renovations is you find a lot of things you had forgotten about.

  6. Did you make the Super Bowl mystery?

    1. No I didn't. I am trying to not start anything is hard to do!